Meeting of the Minds 2020 - Critical Impact

Meeting of the Minds 2020 - Critical Impact September 8 - 10 2020

Thank you for Attending Meeting of the Minds 2020! CRITICAL IMPACT!

We had a great time spending time with you and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! 

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CWA's Annual Workforce Leadership Conference - featuring innovative strategies which create a CRITICAL IMPACT on CA's Workforce Development System!
The spread of COVID-19 has had many unanticipated consequences, including thousands of people losing their jobs as well as having a devastating effect on California’s economy. Therefore, it has perhaps never been more important to come together as a community of workforce leaders and develop strategies that help California get back to work. Whether you are an organization attempting to provide key services to a targeted population, a business looking to access a talented labor pool, a group of workforce partners looking to develop leveraged access points, a workforce region consisting of many stakeholders…a state…or even the Nation; we must work intentionally to connect our strategies and plans to program design and delivery in the emerging economy. This is where the real work takes off and where real change is achieved.
Critical Impact demonstrates the urgent need for CA’s workforce system to come together to affect positive outcomes, create effective partnerships, and support CA’s citizens. As unemployment insurance applications and stimulus requests sore, and as America’s Job Centers of California start to open in some areas throughout the state; is your workforce board ready for the future economy? Have you reevaluated your planning efforts? Are you ready to meet the needs of employers and small business in your community? Can you confidently say that your workforce system is supporting and, ultimately, meeting the needs of your communities and regions? Well? Can you??
At Meeting of the Minds 2020, we hope to examine ways that will ensure these critical connections occur as we look to strong examples of programs that clearly lead to identified outcomes; and highlight areas where CA’s public workforce system is leading the demand strategies to supply-side program delivery.
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Meeting of the Minds 2020 - CRITICAL IMPACT, will be A VIRTUAL CONFERENCE and broadcast using a combination of Zoom Webinars and Webinar Platforms.
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Topics Covered at Meeting of the Minds 2020 - CRITICAL IMPACT

Virtual Exhibitor Showcase
Work Based Learning
Improving Service Delivery
Services to Vulnerable Populations
Going Virtual and Digital
Workforce and Economic Data & Interpreting LMI
The Future of Work
Business Engagement
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