Meeting of the Minds 2020 - Critical Impact

Meeting of the Minds 2020 - Critical Impact September 8 - 10 2020


Tues, Sept. 8th @ 1:30pm | Wed, Sept. 9th @ 10:00am & 2:30pm | Thurs, Sept. 10th @ 10:30am

Check-In at ALL 4 SESSIONS for a chance to WIN a PRIZE!!!

Virtual Exhibitor Word Scramble!

Come and learn about all of the fantastic products and services from our conference exhibitors..and also play a game! Each exhibitor organization has been assigned a different Letter. 8 in total. Unscramble the letters to form a word and email your answer for a chance to win a prize! 4 Chances to get every letter!
The Rules:
1. You must engage with each Exhibitor in order to obtain their Letter. No short, "Hi" and "Byes" will be allowed.
2. If you have the think you know the answer, send in your response to, Subject Line: Answer Word and Full Name
3. No Cheating! – If you get the answer, please do not share it with other conference attendees. Remember, the longer it takes for others to enter, the greater the chances you will win a prize! 

(Download Game Sheet Here!)

Meeting of the Minds 2020


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